Surprise! My Favorite Thing About Amazing Club’s Beer of the Month Club

by Madi M.

Posted on Thursday, April 27, 2017

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You know what’s great about a monthly beer subscription? The surprise.

There’s the surprise you’d expect – opening a box to discover new beers you’ve never tried before. But, there’s one that I didn’t expect: the delivery.

Even though Amazing Clubs beer of the month club makes their delivery schedule clear (the last week of every month), I completely forgot my second month’s installment was due to arrive.

My doorbell rang while I was on a call. I answered the door, signed for the package (you have to be 21 or older to receive a beer club shipment), felt the weight of the unmarked package, and lit up remembering what must be inside.

Thank goodness it was a Friday because I couldn’t wait to open up the package and start my sampling.

What Beer Arrived This Month

Amazing Clubs no frills packaging does exactly what’s required: protect the bottles during transit and put the beer on display. No styrofoam peanuts or overwhelming “extras.” Another reason why it’s our top-rated beer club (you can read the full club review here).

Just give me the beer.

I didn’t recognize any of the logos on the bottle tops. And, that’s a good thing. It meant another month of blissful beer discovery.

This month's club featured selections from two different breweries: Lakefront Brewery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Fordham Brewing Company in Dover, Delaware. Here’s what came in the box:

  • Rams Head IPA by Fordham Brewing Company
  • Copperhead Ale by Fordham Brewing Company
  • Riverwest Stein by Lakefront Brewery
  • East Side Dark by Lakefront Brewery

I particularly liked the Rams Head label, but who cares about the looks? How did they taste?

The Beer

Let’s start with Amazing Clubs’ beer of the month club featured selection of the month: Lakefront Brewery Riverwest Stein.

Riverwest Stein pours a brilliant shade of amber with a single-finger of white head that sticks around before receding (something I value in a beer).

This amber lager exhibited characteristics of a fine German beer. The beer had a very light hoppiness and fruitiness. The flavor was dominated by sweeter caramel malt and toffee with a tasty bitter finish.

It’s definitely sweeter than beers I typically seek out, but I still found it extremely drinkable and enjoyable. This featured beer delivered a well-balanced flavor without being overwhelming.

And, what about that Rams Head that I liked the looks of? Well, it was my favorite beer of the bunch.

(Uh-oh. I’m starting to see an IPA-bias in my favorites looking back at my first month’s review. I told myself I was tired of the IPA-craze – guess I was wrong...)

Check out this pour:

Maybe a little too much head, but I’ll take some responsibility for that for pouring one-handed with a camera in the other…

Rams Head boasts an aggressive, love-it-or-leave it pallate. It pours a golden yellow with strong carbonation (see head above). This IPA has a faint lemon aroma, which you can taste at first sip in conjunction with pine resin and grapefruit overtones.

What hits you next is the hops – 75 IBU of hops! This is a must for any good IPA. What sets Rams Head apart is how smooth and dry it tastes, which elevated its status in my eyes.

Want to know about the rest? You’ll have to find out for yourself...

Visit Amazing Clubs and sign up today to start discovering new great beers each month!

And, stay tuned for next month’s review. This time, I’ll be expecting it.

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